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Putting on Different Hats

When I speak to different mothers, every woman tells their own story and how they are multi-tasking and putting on different hats every now and then. Their schedule are usually so busy that they hardly have time for themselves.

A mother with a 5 to 12 years old kid
She would be the earliest to wake up in the house and starts preparing breakfast for family.
Routine includes:

  • Preparing snack for kid to bring to school
  • Send kid to school
  • Starts preparing lunch so that lunch is ready when kid comes back
  • Clean up the house
  • Pick up her kid
  • Supervise her kid to do homework
  • Plan creative and fun learning games
  • Prepares dinner
    The list could go on and on… you get it 😉

What if she is a working mum? She would need to ensure her kid gets picked up every day or she herself gets off work on time. Prepares dinner and spend some quality bonding time with her kid or include creative learning between 7pm-10pm before kid heads off to bed. This scenario is just one of the cases I have seen and heard.

A woman with a kid and as a working mum puts on multiple hats – role of a mother taking care of household, discipline master, mother’s endearing love for her kid, as a lover and soulmate for husband. I have always encouraged the wives to maintain the strong relationship with their husbands and not just focusing their attention on kids. Ultimately, you and your husband have a long journey to embrace and nurture.

It is not easy to juggle so much. It requires great support from your husband, family and friends.

Nevertheless, when a mother comes home seeing her kid running to the door and giving her the biggest hug ever with a smile on the face – that is priceless.


Give your own mother a big hug today! Let her know how much you appreciate her.

To all great mothers…… ♥


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