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Guide on Finding the Right Gynaecologist in Singapore

Every new mother-to-be goes through this important decision of selecting the right gynaecologist. This chosen gynaecologist will hold an important role to the couple and knows a mother’s diverse needs and concerns, during pregnancy, labour, delivery and even after giving birth.

Here are some basic guidelines to ask yourself:

  • Are you covered by your insurance agent?
  • What are your limitations and list of gynae/hospitals covered in your insurance policy?
  • Do you prefer a female or male gynae?
  • Find out the various hospital packages and schemes.
  • Location of the hospital could be vital if you take public transport most often.
  • Where can your gynae deliver? This has an impact to the choice of hospital you preferred.

After selecting a few gynae names, you could do a search online to review testimonials from their previous clients and patients to hear what are the common feedback they share about the gynae – the attitude, the overall service, pricing and expertise.

Your friends and family will be sharing their opinions and providing recommendations after learning your pregnancy news. Don’t feel obligated to choose one gynae just because someone close to you highly recommends it. Ultimately, you need to be the decision maker in selecting the most suitable gynae after going through the train of thoughts.

Do your due diligence and go with your heart. 🙂


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