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Baby Shower Gifts That Moms Would Love To Receive

Singapore Moms Speak: 13 Cherished Baby Shower Gifts

  1. Cash
  2. Vouchers
  3. Baby Gift Sets
  4. Baby Bouncer, Slider or Swing
  5. Gift for Nursing Mother
  6. Diaper Bag
  7. White Noise or Baby Shusher Sound Machine
  8. Hand Blenders
  9. Stroller Storage Bag
  10. Baby Nail Trimmer
  11. Kids Gyro Bowl
  12. Multiportion Freezer Tray
  13. Milestone Baby Cards
  1. Cash

In Singapore, it’s common for family and friends to give Ang Bao (red packet) for baby full month celebration. There is no hard and fast rule how much you need to give. It depends how close you are to the other person. Also depending if you are preparing another gift for the baby or parent – like a combination of both gift and ang bao. Giving cash is practical as the parents can choose how to utilize the money received from all the ang paos. Be it buying a suitable milk formula, diapers or to subsidize the recent hospitalization fees etc. Cash is definitely a flexible and highly desirable gift for baby shower.

  1. Vouchers

New parents have many items to buy for their newborn. You can consider getting vouchers from big department stores like Takashimaya (vouchers with no expiry date!) or Isetan. Singapore Moms share that gift vouchers are good because they can use them to buy whichever they need – even for themselves at times. Such as vouchers/gift cards from mother care stores like Mothercare, Motherworks, and Springmaternity. Based on the feedback received, 1010 sells more reasonable priced items as compared to the rest. Singapore Moms also recommend checking out lazada for bulky items. We advise you to check out respective stores and websites to determine which works best for you or your friend.

Source: WonderMa
Source: WonderMa
  1. Baby Gift Sets

There are so many choices to choose from: baby clothes, milk bottles and nipples, baby wipes, baby shampoo/body wash, baby teether, diapers, and so on. Singapore Moms get to try out all the different brands when they received the gift sets. Provided them opportunities to learn and try these items from respective brands with their baby and help them make a better choice in their own purchase the next time round.

  1. Baby Bouncer, Slider or Swing
Source: WonderMa
Source: WonderMa


Different motion and equipment depending on the age of the baby. For newborns, you can look at baby slider/swing. It creates a swinging/gliding motion to help comfort the baby. From sweet melodies and blinking lights to spinners (shapes of eg. adorable animals!) and swing timers settings. Most of them are easily fold for storage or travel.


  1. Gift for Nursing Mother
Source: Boppy
Source: Boppy

Nursing mothers need all sorts of support. You can consider getting supplements or tonics to assist in building her health back. Check out Eu Yan Sang as they sell confinement food and tonic. Surprise the mom with post-natal massage appointment/voucher! She deserves a good massage and break from the daily pumping and changing of diapers. A Boppy nursing pillow would be great as the pillow provides a comfy platform for her baby to rest during breastfeeding and the Mom doesn’t need to hunch over when she nurse.

  1. Diaper Bag

If you plan to buy a diaper bag for the Mom, I would suggest getting her a design that is suitable for both the Mom and Dad to carry. We wouldn’t want any excuses from the man saying it’s too girly to carry the bag and at the same time, a design that is hip, city style and great functionality.

  1. White Noise or Baby Shusher Sound Machine

You must be wondering what this machines does. It’s not commonly sold in Singapore. However, I have friends who purchased this sound machine online and it works miraculously for them! It creates the soothing sound of rushing air. This natural “white noise” sound has been proven to effectively block noises at a broad range of frequencies, so you can get deep, undisturbed sleep all night long.

  1. Hand Blenders
Source: Bosch
Source: Bosch


A hand blender will help the Mom, especially in her first year when her baby starts eating solid or puree food in the diet. Hand blender is easy to clean and use. The Mom simply needs to combine all ingredients in a pot or bowl and insert the blade at one end of the blender and blend! You can get a relatively good and simple hand blender (BOSCH ERGOMIX) from Courts at SGD 59 during sale.



  1. Stroller Storage Bag 

    Source: unknown
    Source: unknown

Ideal for carrying bottles, diapers wipes, cell phone and the strap is easily attach to most strollers. Help the Mom get organised when she heads out with her baby!

  1. Baby Nail Trimmer

A Mom recommends Buzz B nail trimmer. It helps her safely trims her baby’s nails with a gentle yet effective oscillating action. The cushioned pads are specially designed for baby’s nails so it won’t harm surrounding skin. Click here to find out more.

  1. Kids Gyro Bowl

A spill proof bowl that ensures food stays in the bowl as the bowl rotates 360 degrees. Makes feeding time easier for mommies to clean up.

  1. Multiportion Freezer Tray
    Source: unknown
    Source: unknown

    This is useful for moms to freeze baby meals. Usually comes in silicon tubs and you can even put it in microwave.

  2. Milestone Baby Cardsbaby with milestone card

New parents love taking pictures of their babies, usually for their own keepsakes, but also to share them with relatives and friends. The Milestone Baby Cards are a great way for the new parent to remember the milestones of their baby, while making the pictures of their baby that much more memorable. The new parent can look back on the old photos when their baby has grown up, and reminisce how cute their baby was at 2 months old, or when they first sat up, or when they took their first steps.


Share with us – What is your most cherished / favorite / preferred baby shower gift you have ever received?

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