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Kids Reward System At Home

Reward system for kids is an effective way of building up a child’s positive behavior. Kids tend to reduce sibling rivalry and motivates them to do school homework and household chores.

Modern families today are very familiar with Kids Reward System. Points system in exchange of small amount of cash to buy their favorite toys, candies or sticker system in exchange for a movie treat, etc. are just some of the best options to introduce. Some parents ended up frustrated because it didn’t work well with them, while some are very happy and determined to continue what they have started. It doesn’t matter what you use, as long as you know what really works and you get positive results from it.

Parents know how hard parenting is, especially on how to instill proper behavior as the child grows older. Kids nowadays are so much smarter because of the environment they are exposed to. Telling them to stand still as a punishment of their bad behavior isn’t going to be that easy, or asking them to pick up something from the room can be a challenge.

So the question is what works for them? There are various techniques and ideas that we can follow online. All mommies should know best, and it’s important that we keep on finding the right reward system that will work for your own kid. Every kid is different.

Just remember this; rewards don’t need to cost money. I like it this way, rewarding them with doing something really nice.

Here are the examples:

1. Sharing toys with the siblings.
2. Saying good things to each other.
3. Doing great at school.
4. Helping mom do the dishes and more!

And the rewards are these!

1. Getting an extra bedtime story
2. Snuggle time for 10 minutes at bed with mom or dad
3. Playing a game with mom or dad
4. Earn a healthy special snack

Your rewards must be able to motivate them to do more. Simple as that.

Mommies, do you think having a reward system helps you in guiding your kid to pick up good habits and learn on a daily basis? How do you teach your child responsibilities?

Kevin Tan
Father of a 7 years old daughter. A hands-on dad since the birth of my child. I believe in educating a child as early as we can. Through this way, it will help shape the child’s characters and beliefs as she/he grows up. There are various ways we can make education more interesting and get the children motivated to learn. That’s also me being a kiasu parent.