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19 Activities To Do with Your Kids on a Weekend

It’s the weekend and your kids are excited to spend the day with you. They are asking what can they do with you but you are out of ideas. Here some ideas that you can do with your toddler or kids over a weekend.
  • Bake Muffins – Let them stir and add the ingredients, once its done they will love it.
  • Play-Dough – Create your own play dough. Use 2 cups of plain flour, 1 cup of water, 1 cup salt, 2 tbsp of cooking oil, food coloring – optional but colors are fun. All sold at Ntuc or Giant
  • Make Jelly – There are many easy to make jelly available in NTUC or Giant Supermarket.
  • Indoor Camping – Setup an indoor tent in one of your rooms or living room. My boy loves this, he even asks if he can sleep outside at night.
  • Painting or Finger Painting – If you want, you can also use potatoes as stamps or drawing with sponge, leaf stamping, etc. Good old primary school art class to the rescue.
  • Pick Their Own Food for Dinner – Decide what you are having for dinner and let them go shopping for the items in the pantry. Give them a shopping bag and let them pick the food they want.
  • Urban Gardening – Take some red onions, green beans ginger and place them in soil and watch them grow in a few days.
  • Water Play – Give them a couple of small bowls, one with water and ice cubes (optional). Let them pour the water from one bowl to another.
  • Treasure Hunt – Hide items and then give your kids clue and ask them to find. This helps withΒ child’s observational abilities.
  • Guess the Food – Children close their eyes and put some food samples in their mouths. Can they guess what it is?
  • Photos – Takeout your childhood photos, sort them to see the ones you would like to scan and save digitally or the ones you want to print.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles – They come in all different levels for all ages.
  • Blow Bubbles – At the playground or at the void deck.
  • Walk – Walk to the shops or a park and stop to show your child the animals, birds, plants, houses, passing traffic, etc.
  • Library – Get some board books and some paper books. Read them throughout the week.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Make a list (with pictures) of things we had to find on a walk (e.g., a rock, a stick, a leaf) give them a little bag or basket to collect everything.
  • Fly a Kite – Find an open field to fly a kite
  • Picnic – Go to a nearby park or beach to have a picnic
  • Library Activities – Checkout the activities organized by NLB. Visit
John Pang
As a father of two beautiful kids - Max and Jac, I want to share the love, jitters, concerns and joy that they have brought the Mrs and me over the past years. It's a blessing to have Shasha, our lovely domestic helper, who is helping us to keep the house in human order with the two cute monsters at home. Join me in my experiences and daily life as a parent. PS: Having a child is a big decision, there isn't any 30 days return policy πŸ˜„

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