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Welcome to WonderMa Singapore!

We want to build a community that supports parents, especially new mommies-to-be who live in Singapore and Asia.

WonderMa provides parents with parenting and pregnancy information, advice from peers, and support at every stage of your child’s development.

The origin of WonderMa came from a casual catch-up between John Pang and Fenni Choo. Two old friends met up for coffee and started talking about their current lives – from work to family to children to pregnancy. Our common topics always revolve around: family, work and children/babies.

John is a father of two kids – Max and Jac. He constantly shares the joy (and craziness!) his kids bring to him and his wife. Fenni is married and surrounded by many friends whom are married and have recently ‘upgraded’ to become  parents. Hence, John and Fenni decided to put together a community to exchange parenting and pregnancy information to provide support for their family and friends. The idea got bigger and bigger every day. And WonderMa was born.

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