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Who Are More Generous with Their Money

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George Soros, one of America’s most known philanthropists have five kids and his oldest is a son named Robert. A new study conducted suggests that parents who have sons first are more generous givers than parents who have daughters first.

According to the report published by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at the Indiana University, Lilly Family School Philanthropy, sex of the first child not only affects parents on giving to charity, but also on how much they give and to what kind of causes they support.

From 13,000 people over a decade, researchers concluded that parents whose first baby was a son give away about 14% more money. But compared to parents with their biological daughter are giving away 20% more than to parents whose only kid is a son.

The conclusions were based on differences in income and wealth and it doesn’t claim that one gender of a child is more expensive than the other.

Also, 56% people with bigger families appear to be more generous. And slightly fewer families with just one child donate to charity and that’s total of 53%.

The good thing about giving is that the parents are influencing their children’s generosity, and vice versa, children also influence their parents. One best thing about this donation preference is that the more people understand how to be generous, the better they are able to educate others and encourage more generosity.

Let’s cultivate the art of giving to less fortunate people and for charitable causes. Because of this, you’re cultivating a good heart to your kid as well. What are you doing right now to cultivate such mindset with your kid? Share with us.

Source: Time

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