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Fun Bento Ideas for Toddlers

Welcome to the world of Bento meals. There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing mommies prepare bento meals for their kids. Bento or lunch box can be designed to balance nutrition such as protein, carbs, vegetables, fruits and more.It also boosts appetite for our little picky eaters.

To get started, what we need are not expensive ingredients or lunch box. We need a plastic food containers, a knife, different shapes of cookie cutters, cups, silicone cupcake wrappers and more.

Here are some fun full bento ideas that is too good to try!

1. Angry Bento

angry birds


Who wouldn’t get excited with Angry Bento? Toddlers will surely love this one; it’s unique and very delicious to eat. Get your box ready and put these healthy food combinations: fruits, lettuce, boiled egg and mini sandwich with meat and cheese.

2. Flower Power

flower power


Get ready and prepare the flower shape cookie cutter. This cookie cutter does wonders! Ask help from your kid so you’ll both enjoy doing the same thing together. She will surely have fun! Use the flower shape cutter into your veggies like cucumber and put some tomatoes and lettuce.

3.  Roll-ups

Toddlers will ask for something different from the usual meal, so let’s try something fun and very different! Just slice a thin sliced meat into strips and layer them with the same sized strips of cheese then roll them up.

roll ups

roll ups1


Then include some berries, crackers, carrots and you’re done!

4. Elephant Bento

elephant bento


A slice of kiwi, hotdog, some meat and rice are enough to make this delicious treat. Toddlers are adventurous in nature and seeing their favorite animals on foods are great way to excite and boost their appetite.

5. Space Jam

space jam


Pineapple slices in between berries is a good way to entice them too. If Star Wars shapers are not available, then mommies can create their own version like cutting the bread into star-shaped. Space Jam won’t be complete without these tiny star cookies.

6. Leftovers on a Stick Bento



Make use of your leftovers with these fun ideas! Try these easy combinations, teriyaki fried rice, bell pepper slices, grapes, pork sausage and cheese on skewers are just some fun ideas to do.

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