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7 Things to Avoid for New Moms

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Expecting a baby is quite overwhelming and it’s perfectly normal for expectant mothers to enlist the complete baby stuffs they think they need, even the least necessary. As a mom of two, I have come to the conclusion about several things which moms don’t really need.

Living in Singapore is expensive, even more when you have kids. Therefore, being a practical mommy is the best way to minimize expenses.

1. Diaper Pails

At first I had thought on buying one, but after a while I decided to only settle for a trash bin. Just regularly dump them into a big garbage can outside your house every day.

2. Bedding

I completely understand the importance of themed bedding for us, mommies. But according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), putting any soft bedding (bumpers included) on or near a crib is completely unsafe. It can cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).When baby is cold, simply wear their comfortable pajamas or put them on a blanket.

3. Sheet Savers

These are waterproof pads we usually put on top of their bed. These are actually intended to save baby beddings especially when their diapers leaked out or when they spit out. But in reality, babies are active and when they started to move along, they won’t stay right on the sheet savers and they aren’t going to save the beddings.

4. Diaper Stackers

Some diaper stackers are way too expensive.

5. Baby Wipe Warmer

Yes, the first time I use the cold wipes on my baby, she freaked out a bit as I wiped it on her skin. So dipping it on warm water is the best strategy.

6. Baby Laundry Detergent

We can use the same detergent we regularly use at home, unless your pediatrician suggests so or if your baby has sensitive skin.

7. Shoes

Some mommies might get surprised with this one but let me explain why. Babies don’t really need for shoes until they start to stand, walk and stumble. Let’s settle first on cute socks to keep their feet warm.

Isabelle Fong
A guest contributor for WonderMa Singapore. I'm new to motherhood as I gave birth to my lovely girl in July 2015. Seeing her grow and develop every day, she amazes me with what she can learn and do at 3 months old. She is teaching me new parenting skills every day! Join me in my new motherhood journey and share with me some of your joy and challenges you've faced being a mother today. <i> Super Mom. Super Wife. Super Woman. Super Tired.