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The Double Strikes

Getting pregnant can be a challenge. When a woman wants to be a mother, her motherly instincts start to grow on her. From doing research on what to eat (such as herbs, supplements or food dishes that balance the hormones) – to the suggested sex positions – to increase chances of sperms swimming near the cervix to the arrangement of furniture at home to create the feng shui for conceiving and the list goes on.

The list of activities for getting pregnant might sound crazy to some people, but some of you might be nodding right now. When the desire is so overwhelming, one might just try all sorts of methods to get pregnant. The wife might propose to husband for scheduled sex activity at least 3 times a week especially for those women with irregular ovulation period. There is this suggestion that if the woman stays on the bed with her butt lifted up; this position increases the chance of the precious spermies staying inside and flowing inwards towards the cervix. 😯

Source: pinterest
Source: pinterest

Then the day comes… the day the woman misses her menses (day 1) and decided to take a pregnancy test. Staring at the pregnancy test kit and wondering if this is the moment. After reading the instructions thoroughly, she carefully followed as indicated. The waiting game begins…∞

Double strikes please!” keeps going through her mind. Two lines on the pregnancy test kit represents the pregnancy hormones hCG level is high and present in the urine. The test result should be read from 5 minutes and no later than 10 minutes. If any lines do appear after 10 minutes, it is still a negative result and must be disregarded.
If you read the test sooner than 5 minutes, it may also be inaccurate as it has not had enough time to work.

The path of getting pregnant is a journey full of emotions.
Desire, hope, anxiety, happiness, disappointment….. I feel you.
Yet, as the saying goes – Never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never give up.


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