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Baby Shower Gifts You Won’t Get

Singapore Moms Speak: Baby Shower Gifts They Hope Not To Receive

Source: jessicagrosslac
Source: jessicagrosslac

We asked a group of moms for their inputs and we received many different interesting stories to share.

Here are 7 gift ideas to avoid:

  1. Stuffed Toys For Newborn
  2. Expired Items
  3. Harmful Products
  4. Nursery Wall Art
  5. Religious Gifts
  6. Branded And Expensive Newborn Clothing
  7. Gender Specific Clothes
  1. Stuffed Toys For Newborn
Source: polyvore
Source: polyvore

I am guilty. When you visit friends at the hospital, you can’t resist getting that adorable looking pooh bear or miffy from the only shop at the hospital. However, many new moms share that they avoid placing furry objects near their newborn (just in case there are any allergies!) and the newborn won’t be playing with the stuffed toy till much later. Moms who received so many stuffed toys didn’t know what to do with them. The toys cling to dust like a magnet- which meant more cleaning for moms!



  1. Expired Items

Someone received few tins of milk formula which are expiring within 2 months. The gift bearer is a mother herself. It’s obvious that this mother couldn’t finish using the milk formula in time. To be honest, if the gift bearer has been candid and ask the new mother before giving her as a gift, I’m sure the new mother would appreciate.

  1. Harmful Products

A mom received a diaper rash cream that contains lead. The disclaimer was written on the label. “This product contains lead which may cause infertility” errr….okie……

  1. Nursery Wall Art

Leave it to the couple to decorate their baby nursery. You may find piglet or ducklings cute but the couple might not. They may feel obligated to use those wall art for their nursery if you keep asking them about it. Consider getting them a nice photo frame instead. They can choose the photos they want to display and hang it up.

Source: babyroomsideas
Source: babyroomsideas
  1. Religious Gifts

Don’t give any religious display furniture or object to the parents. Someone gave a mom a photo frame with a quote that says, “I am a child of god”. However, the parents are not religious, and have no plans on baptizing at this stage.

  1. Branded And Expensive Newborn Clothing

The truth is newborn outgrown their clothes way too fast. Ask any mother and you would know. Why waste the money on such extravagance? Get the mom a gift card from a mother care store instead and she would appreciate it!

  1. Gender Specific Clothes

If your friend just gave birth to a boy, avoid getting the baby a pink top! Why would the parents dress their boy in pink top? Save this gift and keep this gift you have gotten for another friend.

Baby full month celebrations or baby showers are fun and blessed memories for the moms-to-be and to celebrate the babies. Get gifts that are memorable for the right reasons and practical for the moms. We have spoken to a group of moms who lives in Singapore and put together a list of gifts which they would love to receive and cherished. Hear what they say!


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  1. I totally agree with you. Those listings are a big big NO for new moms. If you are also looking for a gift, why not try organic products too? Cheaper and safe for babies.

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