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6 Things Husbands Should Never Say During Labour

This is an inspired article from DJs Flying Dutchman and Glenn Ong on FM 91.3. Was listening to it last week on the radio for their list of “Not to Say” advice for husbands when their MRS are in labour. I thought it would be good to just share a list of our own.

Husbands List of Not to Say

  • “Eh how much longer ah…”
  • “Don’t worry la, its ok one not pain after all you got the laughing gas”
  • “You don’t need an epidural. Just relax and enjoy the moment.” from
  • “Lets plan for the next one after this”
  • “Don’t take too much laughing gas, the nurse told me you can only have it in intervals”
  • “Oh no there’s so much blood coming out from the joyful place….”

After being in the ward with my wife when my first born was coming to this world many years ago, my level of respect for mothers shot to the roof. The amount of pain they go through to bring our kids out.

John Pang
As a father of two beautiful kids - Max and Jac, I want to share the love, jitters, concerns and joy that they have brought the Mrs and me over the past years. It's a blessing to have Shasha, our lovely domestic helper, who is helping us to keep the house in human order with the two cute monsters at home. Join me in my experiences and daily life as a parent. PS: Having a child is a big decision, there isn't any 30 days return policy 😄

2 thoughts on “6 Things Husbands Should Never Say During Labour

  1. Let me add few things not to do while wife is in labor:

    1. Eating and waiting outside the room while waiting for the baby to come out.
    2. Talking about your favorite sports to the doctor.
    3. Eating all throughout labor.
    4. Going home because you are exhausted.

    That’s it!

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