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Foster family gets to adopt child

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Taking away her child is the most painful decision, but it was best for the child to be adopted.
A 10 year old daughter has finally allowed to be adopted by her foster family after District Judge Regina Ow-Chang released the decision yesterday. It is said that the mother of the child couldn’t stop abusing her 10 year old daughter despite the chances given to her.

The father of the child had also agreed to the adoption by the foster parents who cared for the child since February last year and during two other periods between 2008 and 2011.

According to District Judge Ow-Chang, the decision is made not for what is best for the natural parents but what is best for the child. She also made it clear that the adoptive parents should allow the girl’s natural parents to see her. She also noted that the child had experienced six hard years with her mother, from the age of 3 and being shuffled between her parents and three foster homes.

She also found out that the child has a good relationship with her foster family. DJ Ow-Chang said these plans showed “she was only concerned about the fact that she would ‘lose’ her child”, and did not have the child’s interest at heart. The mother is appealing the case. The parties cannot be named.

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