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4 Ways to Deal with Our Toddler’s Curiosity At Home

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By the time curiosity kicks in to your toddler, it will be the start of discovering new things on her own. She will be exploring throughout the day, from morning till night, doing things unexpectedly, wrecking everything and it’s perfectly normal. Toddlers are natural learners and their curiosity is their eagerness to learn. Sometimes, their curiosity frustrates some parents.

I experienced the same thing for my baby girl when she was just only one year old, who started to do a lot of things unexpectedly, from throwing toys around the house, at every corner, pulling things within her reach, grabbing my bag, taking out all the things from my bag, ripped every pages of books and many more. What frustrates me is not the mess, but my inability to do multi-tasking at the same time, especially when I’m super busy on other things. The good thing is, it doesn’t stop me for being the super mom every child has wanted. I worked it out.

We must accept that every child will reach this stage and being curious is their nature.We just have to learn how to deal with it.

Here, I have compiled several ways to deal with our toddler’s behavior:

1. Stay calm. I know it’s not fun to do things repeatedly at every one hour interval or less. But let’s remember that our little ones are just curious and it’s their own way of telling us that they wanted to discover things on their own. And that this mess they have created will pass. Why not make a joke out of it? Take photos of the mess they created and show them when they grow older. These situations are part of their growing memories too!

2. Distract the child. The only way to make a child stop is by distracting her. Take her outside the house, go to the park and play with her. Start introducing things like showing them the flying birds, the moving clouds and more. You must think quick on your feet and find the most obvious distraction nearby.

3. Introduce toys that will help develop her motor skills. Before my child starts to show signs that she needs attention or has lots of energy, I let her play with her building blocks or flash cards to keep her occupied, and that allows me to do something else at the same time. I prefer to buy her games that allow her to develop her motor and thinking skills rather than playing a game on a gadget. Definitely not playing games on a mobile phone!

4. Make sure the environment is safe for her to explore. I know how exhausting it is to always keep an eye on our toddlers. They may discover dangerous things around the house and worse things may happen if we close our eyes for just a second. It’s essential to be mindful when setting up the play pen area and furniture at home. Making sure the environment is as safe as it can get for our little ones. It’s better to take preventive measures than reactive measures.

So mommies, what are your ways to deal with your toddler’s curiosity? Drop your comments below!

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