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Guide to selecting the right nipples for your newborn

All new mommies go through this train of thought – how do I choose the right baby milk bottle and nipples for my newborn? Whether you are planning to shift from the breast to the bottle or because your newborn is having difficulty to latch, and therefore you have to make the shift – you need to consider choosing a nipple that fits your baby’s preference.

Most often is the mother who has a preference. 😁 I have spoken to a group of new mommies recently and they may avoid a particular brand of bottles and nipples that leaks or too many parts to clean. In the market, bottles and nipples are sold together as a set. Likelihood, you will use the nipples that your bottles come with or vice-versa.

Types of Nipples
Nipples are also known as teats. Two types of material in the market: latex or silicone nipples. Latex nipples are more flexible and are softer, but they are not lasting. They are not recommended because they have allergens. Silicone nipples are firmer and hold their shape longer. More importantly, the nipple should be free from Bisphenol A (BPA).

Choose a nipple that represents a mother’s breast – wide base, a short round nipple which permits a constant and slower flow of milk. Nipples come in a variety of sizes and flow speeds – from slow to fast. Newborns usually need the smallest size, which has the slowest flow. As baby gets older and able to suck more effectively, you can upgrade their nipples to a bigger size.

The milk should drip steadily out of the nipple and not pouring out. If you have encountered this situation, it is a sign to change a new nipple as the old nipple hole has cracked. And the flow is too fast for your baby to enjoy his milk and he might end up choking or spitting up.

Based on my research, the following brands below are popular with Singapore mommies and they closely display the features mentioned above:

Source: pigeon
Source: pigeon

· Pigeon SofTouch™ Peristaltic PLUS Nipple – 100% silicone nipple; super soft and flexible, allows natural and smooth tongue movement.
Available in 4 sizes:
SS – 0 month+, S – 1 month+, M – 3 months+ and L – 6 months+

Source: Philips
Source: Philips

· Philips Avent Natural Bottle Nipples – These innovative nipples feature anti-colic twin valve that release air back into the bottle rather than into a baby’s tummy during feeding, reducing colic and discomfort.
Available in 4 sizes:
0 month+, 1 hole and 1 month+, 2 holes – which is ideal for newborns and breastfed babies of all ages.
3 months+, 3 holes – which is ideal for bottle-fed babies 3 months and above.
6 months+, 4 holes – which offers a faster flow for older babies.


Source: Medela
Source: Medela

· Medela Calma – According to Medela, their nipples mimics the natural feeding behavior and features flow control valve. Calma does not drip and your baby needs to apply a certain level of vacuum in order to get milk out. They only come in 1 size for all stage.

Source: Tommee Tippee
Source: Tommee Tippee


These two brands below are not easily found in the stores here but also highly raved by mommies around me:

· Tommee Tippee Anti-Colic Nipples – key features include easy latch-on nipple shape and soft natural feel silicone nipple. Available in 2 sizes:
3 months+ and 6 months+


Source: Dr. Brown
Source: Dr. Brown

· Dr. Brown’s Nipples – Made of super-soft, high-grade silicone. Available in 6 sizes:
Preemie flow – for preemie babies
Level One – for newborns 0 month+
Level Two – for babies 3 months+
Level Three – for babies 6 months+
Level Four – for babies 9 months+
Y-Cut – for babies 9 months+

Where to Buy in Singapore
Tommee Tippee: Babies”R”Us, Kiddy Palace
Pigeon, Philips Avent: Most supermarkets (NTUC Fairprice / Cold Storage / Giant ) and mother care stores (Motherswork / Mothercare ).
Medela: They have a service center located at Secom Centre Palace
Dr. Brown:

One size does not necessarily fit all.

Each precious baby is different and has individual preferences. You may have to try a few different brands to find one that works best for your baby.

As the saying goes – nothing beats the real one. But importantly, do what you deem fit and most convenient and suitable for you and your baby.

A mother knows best.

Mikayla Lee
Mother of a 1 year-old boy. As a new mom, I faced challenges from putting on multiple hats - as a wife, mother, career woman and slave of my baby. My life has never been so hectic and chaotic. On the bright side, my baby brings me so much joy and new perspectives in life. He made me realised I could do so much more. 😂

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