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The Roller Coaster Ride of Being a New Mom

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Nothing beats the feeling of being a MOTHER. This is literally true; it is the mixed emotions of fear, excitement, worries, love, commitment and joy. To all moms, I can say that being a first time mom can be clueless, yet it requires our dedication and bravery and we are like that, unconsciously. We certainly rely on information found online and from our families and friends. We often heard the saying goes “Cherish the moment while they are young!”, “It’s the best thing ever happened to our lives”, and many more.

Yes, all of these are true. The joy and unconditional love that exist, pure and precise. Being a mom is not an easy affair. I’m certain that all moms out there will agree that being a mother is the hardest job, ever. But, wait, it may be the hardest but it is the most rewarding part of our lives, right?

For new moms who are struggling now, take a deep breath. Let’s be frank to ourselves – at times we feel like we are not enjoying every moment and that’s perfectly fine. There are tough moments together with our precious little babies. As long as we’re doing the best we can for them, that is enough. Give yourself a pat on your back! As a parent for three years, I’ve learned that not all days are the same. It’s like a roller coaster ride and every mom is experiencing the motherhood differently.

Here are few tips that we can do to release our stress:

Take a nap, if you feel like you needed it.

• How? Ask help from your husband, relatives or nanny to help take care for a few hours while you take a much needed nap.

You needed some fresh air?

• Go out for a walk and bring the baby carrier with you.

Feeling guilty for unfinished household chores?

• Those things can wait. There are endless chores just like endless work.Schedule different chores each day so you will not rush everything to be completed in one particular day. Give yourself sometime to cuddle with your little one after doing the chores.

Trust me, I’ve been there. All mothers have been there. And I’m sure it will get better and better. And let me say again that time passes so quickly so don’t stress yourself too much. Spend more time with your child as they meant the world to us, right? Every mommy is amazing in our own unique ways.

Mikayla Lee
Mother of a 1 year-old boy. As a new mom, I faced challenges from putting on multiple hats - as a wife, mother, career woman and slave of my baby. My life has never been so hectic and chaotic. On the bright side, my baby brings me so much joy and new perspectives in life. He made me realised I could do so much more. 😂