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Keep An Eye On Children’s Online Activities

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Being a parent is never easy. It requires knowledge, love, patience, communication and a lot of factors to have a healthy relationship with your children. And being able to comprehend the advantages and the risks of online use are important especially when it comes to our children.

As a parent, we are deemed to educate ourselves. According to a recent study conducted by global software protection firm Intel Security, six out of 10 children revealed that they hide their online activity from their parents and it’s alarming.

It is also revealed that 59 per cent of children surveyed would change their online behavior when their parents were around. And third would clear their browser history and delete messages.

Edmund Tay, a parenting blogger are concerned that children were using fake accounts to hide information from their parents. It depicts that the relationships between the parents and the child are broken down.
So how should we address the problem?

The answer lies on Communication.

Mr. David Freer, vice-president of Intel Security’s Asia Pacific Consumer business, said: “Parents should regularly and openly discuss online behavior with their children.

An open dialogue between parents and children along with the right tools empowering parents to protect their family online can go a long way.”

There are three important things that parents should keep in mind when it comes to dealing with the problem aside from communication. The first is being a role model, second, by teaching children to manage peer pressure and lastly, to build a positive relationship with your children offline.

The best thing to do is to start building relationship with our children.

Michelle Gaspacho
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