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The Usual Interrogation

Asking the Right Questions

Every Chinese New Year, most of my relatives will ask me similar questions of my well-being. I’m sure the list of questions is similar for most people, especially Singaporeans. Let me share with you the common questioning faced by my friends and me. 😕

During 16-20 years old: How are you doing with your study (basically grades)? Which college do you want to pursue? Overseas or local college?

During 20-30 years old: Have you graduate? Which company do you work for? Do you have a partner? When do you plan to get married?

Asking the Right Questions

Once you are married, the next question would be: when do you plan to have kid(s)?

Being a woman, I understand this question could be sensitive to some of us. This is our personal matter and if we are pregnant, I’m sure many of us will share the news. People’s reproductive plans are none of our business.

There are some friends or relatives who don’t understand how sensitive this question could be. Some couples have been trying for many years without a positive outcome – dealing with infertility. Some women might be grieving a miscarriage and imagine them being interrogated by others on this subject.

How about those with health issues or relationship problems? A casual innocent question might cause someone grief, pain, stress or frustration. 🙁

In my humble opinion, we have to take a step back and put ourselves in their shoes and stop asking others this ‘holy‘ question. What say you?

Fenni Choo
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