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Foster Parents Are Increasing

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These days, more Singaporean people are becoming foster parents. Since the end of 2013, number of foster parents has risen by almost 40 percent and that’s a total of 337.

Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has target of having at least 500 foster parents in Singapore. And there are currently 350 children below the age of 18 are under foster care.

Those children being moved away from their families are either taken away for their own safety. But the move is traumatic to children even the foster family is caring.

So MSF has introduced training for foster parents to help children deal with the trauma. The ministry also hopes that more foster parents will take children above the age of seven especially those with special needs.

“If the family has the capacity to care for a child, just do it,” pharmaceutical sales officer said who is now taking care of a 15-month-old boy. “You have nothing to lose, but the child has everything to gain.”

Source: Asia One News

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