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Parents Should Watch Out for Kids Sexting

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It has been an increasing challenge for parents to monitor their kids when it comes to mobile phones and Internet usage. The fact that kids these days are far more technologically advanced as compared to 15 years ago. However, that shouldn’t stop us from our responsibility as a parent to guide them how we should be using the great Internet.

Being able to adapt to the new wave of the Internet world can be necessary to most parents. There are many useful tools and educational programs which they can make use of to teach their kids. They just need to be mindful and monitor the kind of content their kids are expose to.

Welsh, superintendent of Cañon City Schools in Colorado, he noted that a hundred students who had been sending hundreds of nude photos and parents should step in and make actions and let them realize what they’re doing.
As parents, it is important we check and monitor what our kids are searching on their mobile/computer or what kind of content they are viewing.

Before handing phone to them, set the rules first. Let them know the Dos and Dont’s. And help them understand why. As you know, kids these days always ask “why”. =)

Source: NY Post

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