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Face the Wall Punishment for Kids

I always wondered why does one send their kids to the corner. It always feels very demeaning to the kid especially for kids these days who typically have their own mind. But I guess this image does make some sense on why it’s important to have some form of punishment and discipline should start early.

Kids having their own mind too early might not be good.

Image Source: Shared by Rick Parnell on FB

John Pang
As a father of two beautiful kids - Max and Jac, I want to share the love, jitters, concerns and joy that they have brought the Mrs and me over the past years. It's a blessing to have Shasha, our lovely domestic helper, who is helping us to keep the house in human order with the two cute monsters at home. Join me in my experiences and daily life as a parent. PS: Having a child is a big decision, there isn't any 30 days return policy 😄

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