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Develop a Strong Relationship with Your Child

There is no doubt that the relationship between a child and his parent is the best relationship in this world. This relationship is defined by the true spirit of love, sacrifice and faith. Parents want to be their child’s best friend and provide everything for them. In return, they only want their child to be healthy and happy.

Some parents share that they don’t have a close relationship with their child. Till one fine day, they realised that they were unable to connect with their child as they grow older.

Here are some tips to get you started on developing a stronger relationship with your child:

Be a child sometimes: Take the time to observe your child. Children are spontaneous. They move around quickly, running from place to place. A child’s brain is very sensitive; it captures what it sees and hears. Every child has their own world of fantasy. So, in order to create a close bonding with your child, sometimes you need to put yourself in his shoes. This will help you understand his perspectives and to help you understand your child better.

Improve communication: Be it a child or an adult, effective communication is one important factor between two parties. Instead of giving instructions to your child, why not letting her put down a list of things she wants to do? Ask your child the reasons behind her thoughts and actions. Give her a chance to share and communicate back her thoughts to you. You need to create the space for your child and let her express her feelings to you. Two-way communication is always more fruitful than one-way communication.

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Be your child’s best friend: You can see that many children enjoy the company of their friends in play group. In their eyes, friendship is never defined by age or anything else, but by the fun and happiness when they hang out together. Being friends with your child can make him a confident, secure person. A lot of parents do not identify with the lifestyle of their children, but it is vital that you make an effort to. It may not be easy to tackle the generation gap, but doing so can have its advantages. Your child will become more confident and he will start sharing you something that he had never shared with you earlier.

Listen to your child: In this context, listening does not refer to just giving one’s attention to a sound. What we are suggesting is to listen and analyse the actions and behaviour of the child. Read the hidden message from your child’s behaviour and actions. Observe your child’s behaviour at home, in school, talk to her teachers etc. Listening thoughtfully shows respect. If you want your child to listen to you, you’ll need to first listen to her. A child who is lis-tened to learns how to listen.

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