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Baby Names – Would You Pay Money for Name Numerology?

A friend of mine recently had a baby, and at the hospital we asked what is the baby’s name? They haven’t select one yet as they would like to go to a Fengshui master to seek help in selecting a name based on the birth date and time of birth – in order to get the best letter combination.

Source: ahaparenting
Source: ahaparenting

So off they went to secure a master’s opinion on their child’s name. There were four names given by the master for a $250 fee. The names given were spelled in a non conventional way, example Sbesten which I assumed was pronounced as Sebastian.

When asked for a vote, I’ve strongly object to the name Sbesten! It just doesn’t look right. That leads me thinking…. it’s good to go to a master for help on a suggestion for your child’s name. It’s good to follow tradition(s), but we should help ourselves by giving the master a list of names we preferred and selecting one name that best fits our child.

Pick a name well. Do not pick a name that might make your child be the talking point in school for the wrong reason. The chosen name is going to stick with him/her for many years. Well.. This is just my personal take on this matter.

PS: I’m secretly thinking if that master knows English. Hmmm…..

John Pang
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