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Trying to Conceive? 7 Quick Tips for Her

Source: creaconceptions
Source: creaconceptions

Get to know your cycle. Every woman has a different cycle. Find out when is your ovulation period and that’s the best time to have sexual activity.

If your ovulation is irregular, you can purchase an ovulation prediction kit from the local pharmacy. Observe and be mindful of your body signs for ovulation – such as, change in your cervical mucus. It usually becomes thin and slippery when you are most fertile.



Source: unknown
Source: unknown


Lifestyle change. If you’re a smoker, STOP. Smoking, alcohol and caffeine reduce your fertility and are harmful for baby growth.



Learn to relax. According to numerous health studies, couples demonstrating high stress levels cause reduction in fertility. Pick up meditation! A simple ten minute breathing meditation can help you find some inner peace and balance.

Keeping your womb “warm“. For women, Chinese medicine believes in nurturing the womb by keeping the body warm which encourages good balance of hormones and good blood flow. For instance, they discourage women to drink green tea as it’s too liang (cold) for the womb.

Disregard others. Too many advices from friends may add stress to you without you knowing. Friends around you sharing pregnancy news also add stress to your desire on conceiving. I know it’s hard to clean out such emotions. Try! Tell yourself is ok and things will happen at the right time.

Start taking multivitamins. Never too early to start prepping your body with sufficient vitamins to further boost your health and baby. Not everyone eats two portions of bright greens with one portion of protein each meal. Supplements such as folic acid prevents major congenital birth defects and omega 369 provides an overall boost in healthy heart, better skin and nails and aids in balancing the hormones.

Source: WonderMa
Source: WonderMa;

Start exercising regularly. Women who are either underweight or overweight will ovulate less regularly – which means even if you have regular sexual activity, the sperms cannot find the eggs inside you. So wait no more! Head out to join a Zumba class! Join a gym! Or ask a friend to go for brisk walk together near your neighbourhood. For myself, this is easier said than done. 😉
*heading out to walk my dachshund, Sundae ♥ 







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