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Singapore Hired Teachers Down to 800 graduates

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For this year, only 800 graduates have made it to become teachers from 1,300 last 2014. Majority of them are graduates and only 15 percent are mid-career hires.

Ministry of Education continues to scale down the recruitment and it shows huge drop compared to year 2009 wherein 3000 teachers were recruited.

“While we have grown the size of the teaching force significantly over the past few years, our focus now is on replacing teachers who have left the service and recruiting more teachers in specific subject areas,” said by the ministry. They further pointed out art and music subjects, humanities, Tamil language and physical education.

The problem arises as more are disappointed at being turned down. It is said that two graduates were surprised knowing that they had mastered the subjects and gathered some experiences but then they failed to land the position.

One of them said, “There should be a scheme where those who have a passion for teaching can be given some training and tried out for a year. If they prove themselves, then they should be hired as full-time teachers.” He is a 21 year old overseas university graduate.

Source: Straits Times

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