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Daddy & Baby Bonding Tips

While mommies are more inclined with taking care of their newborns, isn’t it fair enough to get daddies attached too? From social media sites, I’ve compiled sets of tips for daddies who like to get along with their babies. From changing naps to making the baby sleep and bathing them, we believed that modern daddies are taking their involvement very seriously! Same thing for women today, they have proven that they can do anything, a stable career, a house or a successful business, just like men do.Daddies should be their best partners; from the very first moment they knew that they’ll be expecting a baby! The connection between a mommy and her baby is already there, while carrying the baby for nine months. And it’s good to know that daddies also got involved themselves from the very start.

So daddies, how to be your wives best partners?

1. Start talking to your unborn babies. Research has shown that unborn babies can recognize their mother’s and father’s voices.Studies have also shown that their voices can comfort their babies while inside the tummy.

2. Learn to dress your baby. It wouldn’t hurt your ego to ask her midwife or the nurse on how to dress your baby. It’s important to know the basics especially on the nappy thing as newborns should have a gap in their waist where the baby’s cord is.

3. Mommies are expected to carry the loads for the baby but she definitely needed a partner for this. She needed support and love. Daddies should give them from the very start. How about setting quality time to bond with your baby before or after work? Go outside house with the baby, stroll around the house. It’s time for mommies to get some relaxing time for her, even if it only takes about 5 minutes. For mommies, it really does matter!

4. While mommie is breastfeeding the baby, you can also talk to your baby. Then after, you can assist in burping.

5. Skin to skin contact with your baby is necessary. Place your baby into your chest or belly. It makes you bond and feel connected.

6. Play with your baby.

7. Since your wife is under recovery phase, help your wife with the household chores. Cook and prepare dishes for them.

8. Sing nursery rhymes/lullabies.

9. Change nappies, take her to bath and put her to sleep.

10. Plan ahead and utilize your benefit of paternal leaves. Take this opportunity to truly bond with your baby so that your wife can get a good sleep whenever possible.

11. Start reading them books, even at very young age.

12. Daddies are fond of exercising and it’s a great opportunity to connect with your baby as well. Take your baby for a walk, using a baby carrier or stroller. Stroll around and burn calories while walking.

John Pang
As a father of two beautiful kids - Max and Jac, I want to share the love, jitters, concerns and joy that they have brought the Mrs and me over the past years. It's a blessing to have Shasha, our lovely domestic helper, who is helping us to keep the house in human order with the two cute monsters at home. Join me in my experiences and daily life as a parent. PS: Having a child is a big decision, there isn't any 30 days return policy 😄