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Confinement Dish: Pig Trotter in Vinegar 猪脚醋

Pig Trotter in Vinegar 猪脚醋 is one of the most popular confinement dish served during confinement period. Personally, I can have this dish anytime. The fragrant from the sweet and sour vinegar are awesomely appetizing!

Benefits: Traditionally known to expel wind from abdomen and aid recovery from giving birth. The natural collagen of pig’s trotters is good for our joints and skin.

Source: unknown
Source: unknown

The traditional way of making this confinement dish for women is to use old ginger . Old ginger is known to be good for expelling wind from abdomen and aid in speedy recovery from giving birth. However, the texture of old ginger is tough and some younger folks nowadays do not like the strong ginger flavor. If you are not cooking this dish as a confinement dish, I would suggest using young ginger  so that your diners will enjoy the less gingery taste of this dish. You need to decide which ginger to use depending on who you are cooking this dish for.

Are you aware of which parts of the pig you should get for this dish? I am referring to the difference between front feet (猪手) and back feet (猪脚). In the olden days, most people cook using the back feet because it is less meaty and more economical friendly on their wallet. Front feet has more meat in comparison to back feet and more expensive as well.


  • 2kg Pig Trotters
  • 250g Old Ginger
  • 250g Young Ginger
  • 400ml Chang Cheng – Zhe Jiang Vinegar(长城牌 – 浙醋)
  • 400ml Chan Kong Thye Black Sweet Rice Vinegar(狗仔 – 双料添丁黑醋)
  • 130g Brown Sugar
  • 3 tbsp Dark Brown Sugar (can use the same brown sugar as above. Dark brown sugar has a stronger taste)
  • 10 tbsp Sesame Oil
  • 1 litre Water
  • 1.5 tbsp Salt
  • 2 tbsp Shao Xing Wine (also known as Hua Diao wine 花雕酒)
  • 6 pcs Red Dates (seedless)
  • Hard Boiled Eggs (quantity depending on individual)


1) Soak red dates with Shao Xing Wine, cling wrap and set aside. Let it soak for at least 2 hours or more if you have the time. Or you can prepare this the night before.

2) Slice both old and young ginger and set aside. You can prepare in two ways: some bruised and rest in slices. Slices are easier to eat. Bruised to allow the ginger flavor to immerse into the dish during stewing process.
Bruised ginger -> flatten the ginger with the back of a knife.

3) Blanch pig trotters and set aside. This is to remove residue and any unpleasant smell.

4) Heat a deep wok with sesame oil and fry both the ginger together till fragrant.

5) Add in blanched pig trotters. Fry for about 2 mins.

6) Add in brown sugar (130g) and stir well.

7) Transfer the pig trotter to a large pot and add 1L water into the pot. Bring to boil.

Once it is boiling, reduce to low-medium fire, and let it continue to simmer for 30 mins.

8) Add salt, vinegar, dark brown sugar, red dates and wine. Adjust taste accordingly.

If you want to add any hard boiled eggs in, add them in at this stage.

9) Once the taste is right, continue to simmer for another 30mins.

10) Once the cooking process is completed, leave it there for at least 3 hours or more, so that your dish will have a stronger flavor especially the meat. Reheat it before serving.

Hope you enjoy this dish as much as I do. Share with me your own Pig Trotter in Vinegar 猪脚醋 recipe!

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