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How to Get Your Children Motivated to Do Chores!

In my humble opinion, get the children to start chores contributions at an early age. Parents can motivate their children to help with household chores. A person’s family values and habits are cultivated from young. From the way he likes his breakfast, the range of vegetables he eats, to the way he prefers the tidiness of his room or even toilet habits and placement of toiletries!


Young children can start to help out if you choose those activities that are suitable for their age. Simple tasks such as picking up their own toys.  Avoid task that’s too challenging which can be frustrating or even too dangerous.

I remember vividly that my mother asked both of us (my brother and I) to start helping out doing household chores since we were young. I don’t remember there was any reward. 😆 Tasks include: sweeping the floor, keeping our toys after playing with them, clearing our plates to the kitchen, fold the clothes etc.  The level of difficulty increases as we grow older.

When we get children involved in doing these chores or tasks, we are actually getting them involved in caring for the family. It promotes a sense of participation and responsibility towards the family members.

Some parents share that they give their child a token if they complete certain chores. Token in the form of money or gifts. To me, it’s just personal preferences. I would rather start cultivating their habits for doing chores that contributes to the household that makes me happy (less stressful too!) that they are helping out. And giving children the idea that by doing so, makes them an important role of the family.

Praise children on their efforts not outcomes. Keep encouraging them they are doing well and through this way, they will feed rewarded. This will increase their interest and boost their chances of success to complete the task. Eventually, such habits make them more independent as well.

Here are some ideas of chores which you could consider getting your child to help out around the house for different ages.

2-3 year-olds

  • Pick up toys and books.
  • Fill pet’s water dish.
  • Put clothes on clothes hooks.
  • Set napkins on the dinner table.

4-5 year-olds

Source: daycare.sulekha
Source: daycare.sulekha
  • Clear the table for meals.
  • Help with preparing meals, under adult’s supervision.
  • Wash plastic dishes at sink.
  • Make bed.
  • Water plants.
  • Hand you wet clothes to be hung out to dry.
  • Help put clean clothes into piles for each family member, ready to fold.

6-8 year-olds

  • Take care of food and clean water for pets.
  • Help carry garden refuse, under supervision.
  • Make own snacks and breakfast.
  • Help wash and hang clothes (indoors)
  • Help fold clothes.
  • Sweep floors.
  • Do some dusting around the house.
  • Take out rubbish.
  • Help with meal preparation and serving, under adult’s supervision.
  • Keep bedroom tidy.


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