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Things That Only SuperMoms Understand

The moment you became a mom changes you. In fact, moms can handle stress and fatigue at the same time and they usually keep the struggles to themselves. Every struggle is worth their efforts especially when their kids appreciate them and reciprocate their love. They simply want the best for them and that’s what makes them super mommies!

Super moms can surely relate on these things below.

1. Waking up earlier than your kids.

Either on weekdays or weekends, it doesn’t matter! Super mommies have this invisible alarm in their brain that wakes them up earlier than other family members in the house. She prepares everything, from breakfast, school meals to school uniforms and even making sure kids gets in to school on time.Even when they sleep late last night, they NEVER complain. *alright… occasionally =p

2. You never get enough credit, but for you it’s totally not a big deal.

There goes a quote“Mother is a noun, describes as one person who does the work of twenty, for FREE.”

3. You are carrying a multi-purpose bag.

When looking for a coin or a key in your bag, you’ll also get a handful of crushed crackers, candies and snacks. Or, your medium-sized bags transforms into a baby carrier with extra diapers, bottles and milk.

4. You are the constant contact person in the house.

To Dad: Where’s Mom?
To Mom: I’m hungry …
I’m cold …
I’m hot …
Can I have …
I want to …
When are we …
Why are we …

No further questions to be asked for this. Mommies are simply the best person any one can have. Agree?

5. When “me time” are one of the happiest days and that guilt feeling is normal.

Going out for a walk, shopping, grocery time or spa sessions are one of the happiest and best days of your lives. “Me time” is simply a reward and make the most of it. That guilt feeling will pass.

6. You’re a certified super mom if you can’t sleep for more than 8 hours a day.

It’s when you started to think about having a good night and long sleep on a weekend but you can’t because you have so many permanent and pending tasks to do at home. And it’s when you started to fantasize sleep and dream about having a good one.

7. You’re a multi-tasking queen.

Multi-tasking is one of the toughest jobs, but moms do them perfectly great on a daily basis. You are a certified QUEEN!

So mommies, any additional qualities that super mommies have? Share your stories in our comment box below!

Michelle Gaspacho
A multi-tasking mom of two wonderful baby girls. A full time and working mom at the same time. When first baby was born, took a big decision to get out of my comfort zone and take care of her, instead of being an office mom. Being into a new environment, I got easily adjusted as I have set my priorities very well with them. Being a mother is very adventurous. A life changing event and it requires your love, patience, understanding and dedication to keep moving.Let's treasure our time spent with them, because time flies too fast just like how fast they grow up. :)