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Can you guess which brand is most the most affordable diapers brand in Singapore?

Specially for you Mommies! A quick eye view of the diaper pricing for the most common brands available. The prices listed below are based on the best price I’ve found from a shopping site.


Diaper Pricing Comparison Chart

Brand & Product Name

Per Pack

Best Price
Price Per Piece (SGD)


GOO.N Japan Version Diapers
– Newborn


$        18.75 $          0.21

Online Shopping Site

Drypers Wee Wee Dry
– S Size 3-7 kg


$        18.50 $          0.21

Online Shopping Site

Nepia Tape Diapers – Newborn


$        22.00 $          0.26

Nepia Website

MamyPoko – Newborn


$        13.73 $          0.26

Online Shopping Site

Moony Tape Diapers – Newborn


$        27.90 $          0.31

Online Shopping Site

Kao Merries Baby Diaper Tape
– Newborn


$        18.73 $          0.31

Online Shopping Site

Huggies Ultra Diapers – Newborn


$          8.45 $          0.35

Online Shopping Site

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Newborn Size 1


$        29.90 $          0.44

Online Shopping Site

I’ve spoken to different mommies and discovered that some of them are using a diaper strategy. At this point, you must be thinking – what is a diaper strategy? That sounds like a work term! Read on to find out more…

0 to 3 month-old baby: Some mommies start off using cheaper diapers. The reason being the baby needs to change diaper at least 6 to 8 times a day. Their diet is mainly liquid and therefore, more urine and poo. Since they are fed every 2-3 hours, you can imagine the amount of diapers required per day.

Source: Unknown
Source: Unknown

For night use or bringing baby outdoors/travel: Switch to a diaper that has a stronger absorbency so that there is no leakage. It might be more expensive for some brands with higher absorbency but it is worth it since baby is travelling or spending longer hours outside of home. Less hassle for parents to clean at public toilets which may not be convenient at times.

When to change the soiled diaper: Mommies who experienced POOP BOMB advice to first time mom – give your baby some time to finish his business. There is no immediate rush to change the diaper once he pooped. Give him another 10 mins before you change so that you can avoid getting the poop ‘explosion’ on your clothes or face! The 10 mins of waiting time most likely won’t result in diaper rash. You save on diapers too!

Diaper rash: Various reasons why babies still have rashes even though you did all you can. Could be a certain ingredient in the wet wipes too strong or sensitive to your baby, friction from wiping too hard when you clean his butt every time or too much moisture on his butt because of wearing soiled diaper for too long. After you’ve clean your baby’s butt, always put a good layer of diaper rash cream. Dap the cream on the dedicate skin and do not rub the cream on the baby.

Do you have a diaper strategy or a cheaper source for diapers purchase? Please do share with other mommies here. 😊

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