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Buying Baby Clothing Online in Singapore, 5 Shops to Explore

I happened to help my friend change her baby clothing that she bought online today. The process was seamless, pass the item and they pass me the item that she wanted in exchange. I thought that online shopping has been in trend for some years and there are many shops online these days. Many ranging from hobbyist sites to the big corporations. Which online shops do you normally buy from or recommend?

I did a quick search online and asked around a few people and here are some online shops that you can visit to shop for kids or baby clothing.


Camouflage Kids Store

  • Free Shipping in Singapore
  • Selling Parent Child Outfits for Daddy or Mummy
  • Street-wear apparels for kids
  • Suitable for 0 – 8 years old fashion wear


  • Free deliver for orders above $200
  • They provide Gift Wrapping
  • French designer wear for kids
  • Suitable for 0 – 14 years old
  • Have presence in 11 countries


Little Knotz Baby Clothing Store

  • Free local delivery for orders above $120
  • Makes their own clothing but also carries other designer brands like Coco & Ginger, Bebe, Stella Cove and more
  • Suitable for 0 – 12 years old


  • 30 Days returns policy
  • Free Shipping in Singapore
  • Have several promo codes on Facebook
  • Affordable clothings for kids
  • Suitable for 0 – 12 years


  • Free deliver in Singapore with no delivery charges
  • Carry clothing for girls and boys
  • Multiple varieties and options
  • Affordable clothing options & have other items as well
  • Suitable for 0 – 6 years





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