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Baby Shower: Themes and Preparation

There are an extensive variety of baby shower themes available out there. Popular baby themes such as Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Baby Pooh & Friends, Rubber Duck, Happi Tree, Monster Inc., and the list goes on. You will grow crazy looking through all the available resources online. Read on to find out what are the preparation involved in planning for a baby shower or baby full moon celebration and the list of themes trending these days.

Source: buzzfeed
Source: buzzfeed

Start off by asking yourself these questions:

  • Which adorable cartoon characters you like best or since you were young?
  • What are the popular baby shower themes?
  • Where can you get those customized theme supplies? Easily available?
  • What is the budget for the baby shower?

For ideas of baby shower themes, you can check out these links:


All these sites above share many wonderful ideas and themes you could do for your precious baby full month celebration or baby shower.


A baby is a precious blessing… a gem that should be celebrated.

Share with us your ideas or what you have planned for your baby full month party!

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