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7 Things I Remind Myself When My Kid Misbehaves

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As a working young parent with 2 kids, we tend to have a lack of patience with our kids due to work stress or them just wanting our attention. They seem so irritating at times. We might tend to burst out at our kids and regret the action later. I know I have done that a few times. That got me thinking, what are practical tips and things that I need to remind myself when my kids misbehave.

Here are the 7 things that I force myself to remember:

  1. Don’t React First – Take a few seconds to think, don’t go out and shout at them immediately. Always give yourself some time to think about what you want to say. Once the words are out, there is no taking it back.
  2. Its Ok to Break Things – You don’t need to lose your temper if some thing was broken or the house is messy. We can always replace the items that are broken or clean up the mess. But we can’t remove any mental scar if we over-react.
  3. Focus on The Cause, Not The Problem – Always share with your kids what they did wrong and the cause of why are they being punished. Make sure you tell them how to change the behavior.
  4. Always Deliver The Punishment – Mean what you say, if you tell them that you are going to bring them to the police station, make sure you do even if it looks silly for you. When you threaten them, you need to deliver else your credibility is down the drain.
  5. Lead by Example, Was There Double Standards? – If you set a rule, make sure you follow it too. You should not have double standards else your kid would have issues understanding the rule or worst still come to the understanding that the goal post can be moved.
  6. Help Them Reflect on What Is The Right Thing – Many of us would just scold and punish based on the negative action of the child. What I do is ask my kids what did they do wrong? Let them reflect and see if they can get back to us the reasons. If not, we will have to teach them the reasoning so that they don’t conclude we are just doing it for fun.
  7. They Are Kids, They Are Learning – When all else fails, do remember they are kids and they need time to learn about what’s right and wrong. You also have to look after them after bringing them to this world. So I guess shower them with your love.

Hope you find this 7 tips useful when your children misbehaves. Do you have other stories or tips to share?
Please feel free to share with us.

John Pang
As a father of two beautiful kids - Max and Jac, I want to share the love, jitters, concerns and joy that they have brought the Mrs and me over the past years. It's a blessing to have Shasha, our lovely domestic helper, who is helping us to keep the house in human order with the two cute monsters at home. Join me in my experiences and daily life as a parent. PS: Having a child is a big decision, there isn't any 30 days return policy 😄

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