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Max & Jac Conversation – Week 11

Daddy asked “Max what is the chemical formula for water?” Max says “H I J K L M N O” Daddy replies “Huh?” Max replies “Yesterday you said H to O mah” *Face Palm

Max & Jac Conversation – Week 9

After a toilet trip, Jac sings “one little poo poo jumping on the bed. One fell down and knock his head. Mummy went to the doctor. Doctor says no more poo poo jumping on the bed…” Inspired by Youtube Videos….  

Max & Jac Conversation – Week 7

During our walk home, Max says “Daddy, do you know ants make good maids?” Daddy asks “Why?” Max replies “Because when you drop crumbs on the floor, they will clean up for you!“

Max & Jac Conversation – Week 4

Max calls “Daddy, where r u?” Daddy says “On the way home.” Max replies “Daddy, why so late? Later when you come home, don’t use the computer ah. You need to rest your eyes!“