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Max & Jac Conversation – Week 9

After a toilet trip, Jac sings “one little poo poo jumping on the bed. One fell down and knock his head. Mummy went to the doctor. Doctor says no more poo poo jumping on the bed…” Inspired by Youtube Videos….  

Max & Jac Conversation – Week 5

Daddy lying down playing iPhone. Jac says “Daddy, you cannot lie down and watch tv you know. Wait your eyes pain and you spoil your eyes you know“

Max & Jac Conversation – Week 2

Daddy teaching Max schoolwork. Max says “Daddy, how can you write your “R” like an “N”, if you were a teacher, you would confuse all the students…” @_@

Max & Jac Conversation – Week 1

Daddy bringing Jac downstairs… Shasha asks “Jac, can I follow?” Jac says “No” Shasha asked “Why?” Jac says “Because got Haze!”   Image Source: