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Confinement Dish: Pig Trotter in Vinegar 猪脚醋

Pig Trotter in Vinegar 猪脚醋 is one of the most popular confinement dish served during confinement period. Personally, I can have this dish anytime. The fragrant from the sweet and sour vinegar are awesomely appetizing! Benefits: Traditionally known to expel wind from abdomen and aid recovery from giving birth. The natural collagen of pig’s trotters is…

Confinement food: Foochew Red Wine Dregs Chicken 福州红糟鸡

Foochew Red Wine Dregs Chicken (福州红糟鸡) is one of the common confinement food which many women will take in Asia, especially Singapore, Malaysia or China. This confinement dish recipe not only tastes delicious, it is also nourishing for the new mothers. White protein (chicken) is more easily absorb by the body and known for being…